Four Harry Potter Books in Four Images

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and if anyone equates that to liking Twilight, I’m going to slap you upside the head.

It’s a rare occurrence when movies are almost as good as the books, but that is the case with Potter. Sure, some details are missing, but who really cares about the rights of House Elves anyway.

But in case you were too lazy to read the books, or even see the movie, you can catch a summary of the plots of the first four installments by simply looking at these four images, expertly drawn by artist Lucy Knisley.

She’s condensed the stories for each book into the span of a single image, and as some of these books push 700 pages, that’s a pretty damn good accomplishment. Check out the other three below:

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  1. @TheReviewer
    I agree with the Lord of the Rings being better than the Harry Potter books, those books are great and Tolkien was even awesome at writing action scenes (actually better than Rowling is). My only problem with the Lord of the Rings is that Tolkien wrote it a bit too much like a medieval sweeping epos, I think that actually was his intention. It fits the story, but it also makes the characters and their thoughts and feelings a bit flat from time to time, and all the good guys and things are incredibly fair and beautiful and great, and all the bad stuff is incredibly wicked and ugly and crooked. A bit too black and white sometimes. However, cool story and very well written. The movies aren’t bad, but they somehow fail style-wise and have a general feeling that is totally… off. Still looking forward to The Hobbit though.
    I enjoyed the Harry Potter books immensely, especially the first four books when I was still young, and the last book which was probably the best and the closest the series ever became to being literature. I don’t know what it is, but somehow the entire series didn’t really feel like literature to me, though it’s hard to argue why (I’m bad at that stuff). However, very exciting too read, always gripping, a true page turner in the completely positive sense of the term. Never cared for the movies though.
    And Twilight, well, let’s just not talk about that shall we…

    By the way, sorry Paul for calling you a tween, I was just messing with you;-)

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