Five Ways to Make your Wish Come True, and Why You Should Rethink Them

We’ve all wanted something that was out of our reach. And how easy would it be to simply wish whatever it was into existence? Ever since people first wanted something they couldn’t have, they’ve been telling stories about magic capable of granting wishes. These stories have been reinvented over time, and exist to this day.

But wishes don’t always come no strings attached. In fact, many of the repercussions are dangerous, and some are borderline deadly.

5. Jirachi, Pokémon Franchise

One of the legendary Pokémon in the third generation, Jirachi sports a double Steel/Psychic types, and is a Wish Pokémon. And, depending on which Pokédex entry you read or legend you hear, Jirachi can grant a wish either once every thousand years, or whenever a wish is written on one of the three tags on its head.

Why You Should Rethink Your Wish

According to one legend, Jirachi grants a wish whenever it is written on its tags. But Jirachi only has three tags, and it seems unknown whether or not it can regenerate new ones since it is only seen once every thousand years. And there is (supposedly) only one Jirachi in existence.

To take one of its tags is an enormous gesture, and shouldn’t be done lightly. If Jirachi is going to grant three wishes, and only three in its entire life, they had better be three really great wishes.

If I see you driving around in a sports car with a Jirachi riding shotgun, I’ll know what you did…

4. Magic Lamp, Aladdin

The right rub to an ancient lamp will earn you three wishes with a few caveats: You can’t kill, can’t bring someone back to life, can’t make someone fall in love with you, and you can’t wish for more wishes.

Our hero Aladdin retrieves the lamp from the Cave of Wonders and quickly befriends Genie, the genie of the lamp.

Why You Should Rethink Your Wish

The genies who inhabit magic lamps are slaves. Aladdin deals with this moral dilemma during his time with Genie. Aladdin wants so badly to win Princess Jasmine’s heart, but he also wants to free Genie from his magical bonds.

Aladdin struggled, but in the end, he freed Genie. Though, not until getting his first two wishes granted on top of tricking Genie into getting him out of trouble without formally making a wish. If you ever come across such a lamp, keep this in mind when you’re summoning the genie to grant you wishes. Keep his feelings in mind.

3. Magic Fountain, The Change-Up

Magic fountains and wishing wells usually grant wishes after someone tosses a coin or token into them. But sometimes the rules are different. In The Change-Up, for instance, the two main characters piss into a magic fountain while wishing they had each others’ lives, and it grants their wishes.

Why You Should Rethink Your Wish

While this fountain provides the protagonists with revelations relevant to the plot (and they usually do), this isn’t a guarantee to everyone who might accidentally make a wish on a well or fountain.

It took the characters quite a bit of time to find the fountain to reverse the wish, and they couldn’t even be positive that they could reverse the wish. These fountains and wells are just too unpredictable. What would happen if you needed to reverse the wish? These things don’t typically come with instructions guides. So next time, just walk on by.

2. Forlorn Hope, Yu Yu Hakusho

The Forlorn Hope, or the Mirror of Darkness, was one of the three items stolen from King Enma while he was away from the Underworld on business. The mirror was the item Kurama was after, and it allowed him to save his human mother’s life.

Why You Should Rethink Your Wish

Okay, this may be the first truly dangerous wish-granter on this list. The mirror grants your wish, but only at the cost of your life. Luckily for Kurama, Yusuke was there and offered to sacrifice himself. The mirror recognizes the selflessness of the actions of both Yusuke and Kurama, so it takes neither of their lives.

But you may not be so lucky.

1. Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball Franchise

Seven golden-yellow crystal orbs decorated with orange stars summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered together. Throughout most of the series, the only danger presented by the Dragon Balls was that of intergalactic conquerors and power-hungry rulers seeking immortality and supremacy

Why You Should Rethink Your Wish

But then Dragon Ball GT rolled around, and the Black-Star Dragon Balls were discovered. Whereas the orange-star balls spread across the planet once the dragon has granted wishes, the black-star balls spread across the galaxy. Not only that, but they threaten to destroy the planet on which they were gathered if not reunited within a year.

Then, there are the Shadow Dragons, born of the negative energy pent up in the Dragon Balls because of their overuse. Apparently this is why the Dragon Balls weren’t meant to be used frequently

If you find these magnificent orbs before you, think twice about that wish. Is it worth the risk of all that mayhem? Have you ever fought a dragon before? That’s what I thought.

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  1. That’s incorrect, the reason the mirror didn’t take Kurama’s life was that Yusuke offered half of his life along with half of Kurama’s. Which is why they are both wrecked on the ground after the wish is made.

  2. There are actually 3 sets of dragonballs the ones mentioned above and the ones on planet namek. also the newer dragonballs lets u have two wishes instead of one. and the namekian balls lets you have 3 wishes.

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