The Star Trek Shaggin’ Wagon Can be Yours for $9500


So we’ve seen some crazy ads on Craigslist before.  In fact just yesterday we read about some teen renting a family for her birthday.   Yes, you read that correctly.  And it got us thinking.  Since there’s so much going on in that world with just people, stuff, etc etc, there’s bound to be gaming and geek stuff right?  Sure enough, look at what we found!

Yup, this classic 1978 GMC Van can be yours for the low low price of $9500.  Here’s the ad from Craigslist:

The van was built up from stock in 1979-1980, paint was done by G.S. Roy, a well known Canadian artist. I contacted Mr. Roy, who remembers painting this van as well as another for the owners cousin (that one was ‘mermaid’ themed. . .wish I knew where it was!). The van is a survivor and sat for years in storage owned by the same family from new to 2012 (33 years). . .I purchased it in 2013 from Ontario and shipped it out to the west coast here in Vancouver where I have enjoyed every day of owning it. NOT a vehicle for the shy, you absolutely cannot go anywhere without many thumbs up, cheers, and people waxing nostalgic about custom vans and/or Star Trek.

Pictures below!




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