Five Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies

There are certain characters in movies that just light up the screen and make the story complete. They may not be the main character, however, their character is so remarkable that you want to know more about them and how they got to where they are in the movie. You also want to know how the character’s story continued after the original movie. There are many characters in movies who deserve their own spin-off movie so that we can see where they came from, where they are going, and so that we can get to know them better.

Lieutenant Dan – Forrest Gump

When watching Forrest Gump, we got an idea of who Lieutenant Dan was. He was a soldier who came from a long line of soldiers. We saw Forest save his life in Vietnam and we saw him try to kill Forrest later for saving him. He believed that it was his destiny to die in the war, not lose his legs and live. After Forest left the hospital, we didn’t see Lieutenant Dan until he was living in New York City during the holidays. It would have been nice to see how he got to New York, how he met the women that he was with on New Year’s Eve, and what his day to day life was like when Forrest wasn’t around.

After Forrest’s mother got sick and he left Lieutenant Dan on the shrimping boat alone, we didn’t see Lieutenant Dan again until Forrest’s wedding when he was walking on prosthetic legs and married to an Asian woman. It would have been nice to see his frustration as he learned to walk again as well as his courtship with his new bride. He was such a strong presence in Forest’s life and such an important character, a spinoff about his life would be great.

Scut Farkus – A Christmas Story

Scut Farkus was a real jerk. He tormented Ralphie and his friends, until one day, Ralphie finally snapped and Scut got his. Ralphie continued to beat on Scut until his mother arrived and pulled her son off of him. While Scott was a jerk and fans didn’t like him, it would be nice for him to have had his own movie so that we could see why Scott was such a terrible kid. Was he bullied at home by older siblings? Was he ignored by his parents? It also would have been nice to see how Scut Farkus acted after being beaten up in front of all of the kids that he liked to bully. Did the bully become the bullied? Did it make him retreat to a fantasy world? Did he get even meaner after he was beaten up? Many fans of A Christmas Story would agree that Scut Farkus deserved to have his story told. It could have taken place after the beating, and it could have been titled, A Valentine’s Day Story.

Leo – Lethal Weapon

Anyone who has ever seen any of the Lethal Weapon movies which star Joe Pesci as Leo would agree that his character is awesome. He has a very short temper and a very big heart. This man was a real scene stealer. We loved Leo and we wanted to see more of him. It would have been nice to see him get his own movie. It could have shown up Leo’s backstory. We could have seen his home, his family, and his friends. The spinoff could have been about him becoming a licensed private investigator or it could have followed him on some of his cases. An entire movie about Leo would have been hysterical from start to finish. Also, this is a role that Joe Pesci could have really done well. Maybe he could have gotten Mel Gibson and Danny Glover to guest star in his movie.

Crush – Finding Nemo

One of the most beloved characters in Disney’s Finding Nemo is Crush. He is a sea turtle who speaks like a surfer. He helps Marlin and Dory get to Sydney Harbor so that they can find and rescue Nemo. He gives Marlin the nickname, The Jellyman and he calls Dory, Little Blue. He takes the pair on a fantastic ride along the East Australian Current. He also has a son named Squirt and a group of other turtles that he travels with. It would have been great to see Crush get his own spinoff so that we can see what his family is like and what it is like to travel along the East Australian Current. Crush is very funny and very lovable. Fans fell in love with him in Finding Nemo, and they would love him even more if he had his own movie.

The Two Police Officers – The Hangover

The police officers who had their car stolen by Stu, Allen, and Phil were absolutely hilarious. Not only did we get a kick out of them, they got a kick out of themselves. It would have been great to see a spinoff movie so that we could see exactly how the three men managed to get their hands on the officers’ car in the first place. What were they doing that they left their car unattended. Chances are it was funny. We also could have seen what they did when they realized that their car was gone. A movie just about these police officers and their day to day lives would have likely been just as funny as The Hangover itself. If they were dumb enough to get their car stolen and then mean enough to taze Stu, Allen, and Phil and also to let kids do it, seeing their personal and professional lives would be pretty funny. Since it has been announced that there will be no Hangover 4, maybe our prayer will be answered and this pair will get their own movie.

There are some characters in movies who deserve to be just side characters because they don’t do much except push the story along faster. There are other characters, however, who are meant to be more than side characters, but they end up being much more. These are the characters who shine, who we want to see more of. Sadly, since they are only side characters, we don’t always get our fill of them. This is why screenwriters should start coming up with ideas for these amazing characters to have their own story in their own spinoff movie

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