Five Reasons Why Hot Rod is One of the Funniest Movies In the Last 3 Years

Hot Rod

Some of you may want to kill me for this title.  But any of you who enjoyed movies like Billy Madison can appreciate this article.  Hot Rod is one of the best comedies of the past three years and I have to share why that is.  I know movies like Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall fall in this three year time period but just bear with me here.

Hot Rod consistently gets better each time I see it and if that’s not enough of a reason believe me, I will explain myself.  I personally believe that comedies just don’t exist like they used to.  Today it’s a lot of “shock value” and visual type comedy that granted is very funny but I don’t particularly think that random and hard to come up with.

I miss the days of totally weird references and stuff that makes you think “what the hell?” and then you laugh your ass off.  And I think Samberg and his boys nailed it with Hot Rod.

So you want to know why it’s so awesome?  Here you go….

1.  Old School Random Adam Sandler Humor


Not to take anything away from your Old Schools, 40 Year Old Virgins or even Forgetting Sarah Marshalls because those movies are excellent.  However, when was the last time you saw random humor like the stuff you saw in Billy Madison?   You know random stuff like the Penguin and the Sloppy Joe lady?  The old Adam Sandler stuff was full of that.  The dude at the ice rink in Happy Gilmore is a perfect example of this.  You just don’t see that anymore.  Well you sure as hell do in Hot Rod.  From the weird old man oiling up Samberg to the offbeat laughing to Chris Parnell to the “Cool Beans” routine, Hot Rod is full of the funny random stuff we haven’t seen in like 10 years.

2.  Supporting Cast

HOt Rod

I shouldn’t even have to explain this considering 3 of these guys are on my Top 5 Supporting Comedic actors list.  But let’s just talk about how awesome Danny McBride, Bill Hader and Will Arnett are.  I mean come on.  And even Jorma Taccone is hilarious.  We won’t even talk about Richardson yet.   Honestly Samberg isn’t even close to being the funniest thing about this movie.  No one can hold a candle to McBride but hearing Arnett yell and Hader make his weird faces are enough to make this movie way up there.

3.  Richardson


This video says it all.  No movie has had a character like this since the old “Poop Again” guy in Billy Madison.  This guy is simply incredible.

4.  Amazing References 


People don’t realize how brilliant some of the past movie references are in this movie.  First of all, that Footloose scene is amazing.  And then the unnecessarily long fall down the hill with the screaming is right out of Family Guy.  I love unnecessarily long things.  Then you’ve got music from the movie Midnight Express.  Yes, Midnight Express.  I mean how the hell did they come up with that?   Again, this falls under the random stuff category.

5.  Music


Something tells me that Samberg had a lot to do with this simply because of all the videos he makes on SNL.   From Footloose music to that awesome pump up song when they are walking to the jump site at the end when the riot breaks out.  Then you’ve got the training music.  I think music placement is an art in comedy.  When you have a completely ridiculous scene accompanied by serious motivational music it brings so much to that scene and I think Samberg knows exactly what to do in those moments.

* Bonus Reason – Staying Power

This movie gets better every time I watch it.  As in you find new things to laugh at.  A great sign for a good comedy.   Think Ace Ventura.

So there you have it.  If you agree fine.  Disagree fine.  I just had to say it.

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  1. “I love unnecessarily long things.”

    I’ve coined a phrase for that, I call it comedy torture and I love it. Every funny comedy skit I’ve ever written incorporates it and everything I’ve ever filmed has at least one comedy torture scene.

    Family guy is the current king of comedy torture, they’re masters

  2. i think you give samburg too much credit for this movie when he is just 1/3 of the Lonely Island kids… i mean, Jorma writes most of their stuff and Akiva directed this movie… they all have a hand in all the SNL sketches, too.

  3. i seen this movie once and didnt think much of it but i might watch it again now.i love the fights in it, especially the throwing star at end.

    the movie “Top Secret” has alot of the random humour along with almost any
    “Mel Brooks “film.

  4. “I love unnecessarily long things.” I can’t see any way in which that sentence will ever be taken out of context and used against you…

  5. you have to understand that certain comedy styles are like fine wines, it wasnt until ten, yes ten, years after dumb and dumber came out that people started quoting it. The similarities are innumerous for example; Songs from an era nobody either knows or cares about, Things you may have not noticed the first or second time around, bizaar drug and alcohol cameos (regaurdless of the overall PG13 style), and a plot that by the end of the movie you dont even care about.
    Yes this is a very well put together movie, Sandberg will blow up just give it time, look at Carey.

  6. Nate – People were quoting Dumb and Dumber well before ten years had passed. Maybe it took that long in your circle of existence…. I understand and completely agree with your points that some movies need time to soak into the sponge of cultural awareness (office space) where as others drench it immediately (Avatar). I’m just saying that “Dumb and Dumber” is a poor illustration of the point you are trying to make.

  7. Jess,
    although harsh to challenge my “circle of existence” i accept the point you make, but understand that dumb and dumber was an instant classic for my so called circle. but for the majority of peoples this movie was not widely accepted (see the sequel that emerged some many years after the original hit its peeked popularity). I know that it doesn’t seem like a proper comparison however Dumb and Dumber came out in 94 and at that time the humor style was only just beginning (if you respond i’m sure you’ll hammer me with a plethora of your decided examples). My rebuttal stands!

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more. Every time I watch the part where his sister comes out and asks if they want anything to drink I almost piss myself. Bill Hader’s reaction is hilarious.

  9. All time favourite movie!

    When my housemate and I are having “one of those weeks” we put Hot Rod on and everything is awesome again. I completely agree with every point you make. Thank you for saying it 🙂

    Seeya later, Mountain-face.

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