Five Network TV Shows I’m Religiously Watching This Fall

So I gave The Playboy Club ten minutes of my time and found it a waste.   Yeah it’s nice to see hot chicks in Playboy Bunny outfits but I just couldn’t take the show all that seriously.   And then what do I see?  A commercial for Cougar Town?  How in the world did they let this show back on the air?

Oh and don’t get me started on Two and a Half Men.  Yes I gave it one more try because I wanted to see how Kutcher would pan out.   From the funeral scene to the younger kid farting on the couch, everything I suspected about this show was true:  it sucks.  It’s practically potty humor and isn’t funny!  I could write a show like that in my sleep.  In fact, that’s dissing myself.  And if you’re a Big Bang Theory person please tell me why!!

So what network TV shows will in fact make the cut?  Here are five shows I’ve got set to “record” on my DVR….

Modern Family

It’s pretty tough to argue against this show.   And honestly I couldn’t care less about the Emmy wins.   It has to do with how awesome this cast is and how awesome the writing is.   So far I haven’t grown tired of it all and that’s saying something.   Though this might be a crucial season in keeping people’s interest.  Once a show hits the 3rd and 4th seasons it becomes increasingly difficult.  Still though, I’m confident.

The Office

You still got me interested Office!  Why?  Two reasons.  Dwight Schrute and James Spader.   I can’t wait to see how these two interact.   Jim and Pam left my heart ages ago.  Creed will still be Creed and the rest of the cast should be fine.   I think the show could be pretty solid this year.

Parks and Recreation

I haven’t tired of this show yet and I can’t see it happening anytime soon.  I’ve liked it better than The Office for two seasons now and I just can’t see myself getting weary until at least next year.


I had to put a drama in here and frankly I just can’t stand any other drama on TV.   While House has jumped the shark on being anything normal it’s still entertaining and Hugh Laurie will always be Hugh Laurie.  Plus he’s in jail now so it will be interesting to see how that all unfolds.

Family Guy

Face it, what comedy cartoon is better?  The Simpsons?  Yeah I guess they’re kind of equal but I’m taking Family Guy for yet another year.   Personally South Park is my favorite but that’s Cable TV and a different article.

*Other shows I may give a chance to are Community, Fringe, and 30 rock although I’m getting a  little tired of 30 Rock.   Community usually delivers one good thing per episode and Fringe just seems cool.   Oh and How I met Your Mother is tolerable though Ted makes me want to vomit.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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