Five Awesome Intentionally Funny Music Videos in Movies


It doesn’t happen too often in movies, but on occasion you’ll run into some pretty quality music videos.  Usually they’re intended to be some kind of spoof but that doesn’t mean they don’t wind up being 100% entertaining.  In fact moreso than most “real” music videos.

So without even boring you with a bunch more lead up sentencing…

Here are 5 awesome intentionally funny music videos in movies

We’ve Got to Do Something  – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If any of you have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall you’ll have to agree that Russell Brand is far and away one of the funniest things to come out of this movie.  I find it odd because I absolutely can’t stand the guy in every single other thing I’ve seen him in.  Still though, he makes up for it in this movie, especially in this video.

Say No More Mon Amour – Empire Records

Played by Maxwell Caulfield, Rex Manning is a has been music star who tried to get a blow job from Liv Tyler.  Tyler originally idolized the man until she realized that all he wants is sex from the young vixen.   His video is an awesome prelude to every single thing that David Hasselhoff has ever done.

Willie Beamen Keeps it Real – Any Given Sunday

Clearly this has to be a knock on most rap, gangster type videos.  If it’s not it’s still pretty damned funny.  Willie Beamen!  What a great flick.

Naked Gun – I’m into Something Good

While it’s not the conventional music video like the first three, this still counts.  It’s a great montage of humorous scenes and you do see the little caption at the end.  Sure it’s a spoof but they actually played this thing on VH1 for a while.

Uncle F*cker

You didn’t actually think I’d leave this out did you?

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