Finally, Everything Wrong with Star Trek Into the Darkness

I’ve been waiting for more support for my idea that Star Trek Into the Darkness was one of the most nonsensical movies of the year, and now I have a video collage to back it up! Granted, these guys do this with practically every big blockbuster, good or bad, but I’m still calling it a win for my side regardless.

I was surprised that they didn’t quite catch all the points I took issue with, like they barely spend any time on the ridiculousness of the coffin torpedos or Khan’s all-curing blood that couldn’t possibly be extracted from any other of his superpowered dormant crewmates. But the issues they do raise, outside of the obvious minor nitpicks, are good ones, and I definitely watched the eight minute video all the way to the end.

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  1. Don’t worry, you were never alone. I was extremely disappointed by this mess of a film especially after having enjoyed the first movie quite a bit. They usually reserve this level of crap for the threequel.

  2. It was still a good movie, especially Benedict Cumberbatch. Definitely better than the previous one. And really, when has anyone had a problem with Star Trek not being realistic?

  3. @MegaSolipsist –

    It’s not about realism, it’s about quality storytelling (or the lack thereof). CinemaSins is not what I’d hold up as reference-grade material; they focus too much on minute continuity errors, snark and pointless nitpicking, but in this case a surprising amount of their observations are actually getting at the bigger issues of this movie.

    Cumberbatch definitely has screen presence, but his character in this movie is such a non-starter of a villain. Unclear motives, indirect relationship to the hero, all that stuff. That Abrams knows how to put on a good show helps, but not enough.

  4. I’ve been hating on New Trek all this time, because it just makes no sense at all.
    But! I’ve found a way to cope with it being such a huge mess – see, it’s not an “alternative universe”, it’s a film, a 24th century holodeck program with all the historical and real world accuracy of “Braveheart” and “Gladiator”.

    Filmmakers today don’t care about such petty things like “logic” and “continuity”, so why expect the one’s 300 years from now to be any better?
    Anyway, it’s a lot easier to watch now that I see it as someone’s poorly researched historical fanfic instead of an integral part of the Trek universe.

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