15 Awesome Horror Movie Posters

It’s that time of the year.  No it’s not quite Halloween yet but it’s the time of year where we are starting to see trailers for horror movies.   The studios are getting ready to reel us in to be scared in a couple of months.

So far I’m not seeing anything too horrific.   Personally I’m not a huge fan of horror movies.  I don’t like jumping out of my seat.  If anything I like movies that are really messed up, just not blood and guts and loud phone ringing.

In any event, I thought it’d be a good time to post some pretty awesome horror movie posters.  Enjoy!

Thanks to Listal for the images

The rest are even better!

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  1. Great collection!

    I would also add:


    Minimalistic, simple, mysterious

    Also Ruins poster is fun:


    While everything after first one was pretty meh, i got to admit that posters for Saw movies are pretty amazing:


    And since it’s not pure horror per se, Zombieland one is awesome:


    Cloverfield had great mysterious posters, one with Statue of Liberty is classic, but these are good also:


    Also, how could you forget this:


    Afterlife is normal, but creepy, something about Liam Neeson presence:


    I don’t care if movie is crap or not, but this is very imaginative poster:


  2. Actually both the “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Descent” posters were inspired by “In Voluptas Mors” by Salvador Dali and Phillipe Halsman

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