Fight Club Minus Tyler Durden

It’s hard to believe Fight Club was released in 1999, and it’s even harder to believe it’s taken someone fifteen years to Photoshop Tyler Durden out of the movie. Errr, what do you call it when it’s video Photoshop? We’ll go with Videoshop.

ANYWAY, some intrepid video editor Videoshopped Tyler Durden out of one of the most famous scenes in the movie. It’s like Garfield Minus Garfield, except less droll and tragic.

Technically, this whole idea is a spoiler, but Christ, I’m not going to tip toe around spoilers from 15 year old movies at this point. If you haven’t seen Fight Club by now you don’t deserve to know the twist. Or you’re like eight years old, in which case I apologize. But see it the moment you hit puberty.

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