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A plethora of good movies coming out recently and I’ve not had a single ounce of time to go watch any of them. (insert sad face here) I have hopes that I’ll be able to escape the clutches of the to-do list of my home dwelling and go see Gone Girl this weekend. I doubt that Dracula, the Judge or Alexander could knock it from the top spot … but I’ve been wrong before. Thankfully I write this weekly post and delve into the world of movie trailers to supply some sort of “fix” for my anguish.

By the way, at the end of each little blurb I typically jot down “Will I see this?” followed by an answer. I’ve never outlined what those answers mean but I’ll do that now…Yes, I will definitely go see it in theaters. Maybe, I will see it in theaters but I’ve not decided yet – this might be dependent upon the reviews. Rental, I’ll watch it at home via Netflix or something. Nope, I will not be watching this movie ever.

Let’s do this.


Dracula Untold (comic trailer)

I had not seen a “comic trailer” presented like this for a live action film that wasn’t based on a comic book or graphic novel like Sin City. I found it interesting and felt that it needed to be shown. (Will I see this? – maybe)



Has Brad Bird ever directed anything not worth watching? Everyone loves Iron Giant, and the Incredibles was one of my favorite Pixar films. I’m sure that Tomorrowland will astound us all with its imaginative splendor. (Will I see this? – yes)


Dear White People (red band)

Yeah…I’m not touching this one with a comment. (Will I see this? – rental)



This looks sooooooooo bad…to the point that Ive gotta ask, why? I mean, I’m all about something trying to one up Twilight – but I think that this looks worse than that series. (Will I see this? – rental)


Exodus: Gods & Kings (trailer #2)

Al Pacino is great. This film looks to allow him to spread his acting wings and soar. While the premise seems like it might be a darker offbeat comedy – I bet it will be pretty great just due to Pacino being part of it. (Will I see this? – rental)


Before I Go To Sleep

I like a good mind bending mystery drama. At least that’s what I’m calling this. It seems to have a similar likeness to Memento – which was a fantastic film. So here’s hoping.  (Will I see this? – maybe)


Life Partners

I feel like we’ve seen this idea play out many times before – the only difference this time is that one of them is gay. It might be ok I guess, but I see nothing NEW that it brings to the table.  (Will I see this? – rental)


Camp X-Ray

I would say that Kristen Stewart is riveting in this – but at the same time, she looks to be using the same acting chops that she always uses. Maybe the trailer is just portraying her poorly and the movie paints a different picture. I am interested though, so there’s that. (Will I see this? – maybe)



Doubting that this will even come close to the original Anime. For every great movie that Samuel L. Jackson is in – he will be in three awful ones and I’d chalk this up to not being a great movie. (Will I see this? – nope)


The Mule

This looks to be about as offbeat as you can get. Hey, but it has Hugo Weaving – it can’t be all that bad right? I’d consider me on the fence with this one – on one hand it looks extremely funny, but on the other hand I don’t want to watch an entire movie waiting for a guy to shit himself. I’m just sayin. (Will I see this? – rental)


Miss Meadows (official trailer)

This is so much better than the teaser we got before. Now that I’ve seen this, I’d dare say that I actually want to pay money to see Katie Holmes blow dirty low-lifes away. Love the end of the trailer with the artsy flowers with blood splatter effect.  (Will I see this? – maybe)


Home Sweet Hell (red band)

Everyone hates on Katherine Heigl, and I’m not sure why. It might be due to the fact that I’ve never really been in to many of the movies she has starred in – but that’s beside the point. I think this looks kinda funny, but it also seems like it might be a bit overkill with the setup. (oh I know you got that one) (Will I see this? – rental)



I was wondering if Will Smith would crawl out from obscurity and give us another film. This looks to be an interesting role for him, not quite the good guy but not full blown bad guy either. I have to admit, I chuckled at the “are you hitting that?” scene. (Will I see this? – maybe) 


What do you guys think about this week’s trailers? Any of them peak your interest? Sound off in the comments below. Yeah, I actually want to hear from you. Any trailers I might’ve missed? Take care and enjoy your movie filled weekend!


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  1. I own Kite on VHS and though I haven’t watch it since like 2000…I do know it was only 45 minutes long and super light on plot and heavy on exploding bullets. Can’t imagine this would could stray that much from it.

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