The Best Fictional Fraternities In Movies

Animal House

I’m nearly ten years removed from the fraternity experience and while I don’t miss it all that much there are definitely some moments I’d love to be a part of again.  Clearly I have no desire to get hazed and taken advantage of anymore, but I certainly didn’t mind the raucous drinking and partying that took place. So now the only time I can really experience that life is by watching it in film.  Personally I think it’s been a long time since we’ve seen awesome fraternities in movies but luckily for you guys I’ve come up with a list that I felt were the best.

Check out the best fictional fraternities in movies…..

Delta Iota Kappas – Van Wilder


“Rich, I didn’t know you were a Dick.”  Clearly this has got to be one of the most underrated college movies out there.  And no great college movie comes without the asswipe fraternity.  Lead by Rich, these guys show the truly homoerotic side of things and let’s just say the Donut scene is one of the grossest in any movie ever.

Delta Tau Chi – Animal House

Animal House

Obviously.  How the hell do you make a list like this and NOT include Animal House.  From classic handsome Rush Chair to the guy who can down an entire bottle of Jack, to the stupid pledges who get taken advantage of, these guys have it all.

The Order of Balls and Shaft – PCU


Lead by a young David Spade, these guys are the perfect preppy fraternity.   It doesn’t get any more stereotypical W.A.S.P. than these guys.  Plus you gotta love the name “Balls and Shaft.”

Omega Theta Pi – Animal House


Every awesome fraternity needs an opposition and the Pi’s were a great nemesis to the Delta’s.  From the military garbs to flat out abuse these guys are the classic asshole fraternity that every college has and every college hates.  Brutal hazing, obvious racist tendencies and a penchant for old school Roman behavior with young boys.

Lambda Lambda Lambda – Revenge of the Nerds


Best.  Fraternity.  Ever.

Lambda Epsilon Omega – Old School

Old School

Let’s not forget about the movie Old School.  Honestly I didn’t even know that these guys had a name but it turns out it was Lambda Epsilon Omega.  When you’re lead by a millionaire, a dude named Frank the Tank and a Real Estate Lawyer, it’s a good thing.  Plus having Snoop Dogg play your party helps.

Alpha Betas – Revenge of the Nerds


Best.  Opposing.  Fraternity.  Ever.

Xi Chi’s – Road Trip

Known as the “black” fraternity in this film, these guys are awesome.  They introduce a skinny DJ Qualls to a huge girl that deflowers him, they have a midget dancing, throw amazing parties, and play host to 4 annoying white guys.  These guys rule in my book.

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  1. Excellent read. I just got back from a weekend lake trip with my old frat buddies and you just fall back into the old jokes and binge drinking.

    No matter how old you get.

  2. Fun fact: I live across the street from the frat house in Revenge of the Nerds.

    Another Fun Fact: Havent met one dude who lives there who wasnt a Bro-mosexual.

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