Everything We Know about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Video games have changed the way youngsters and even some adults spend their leisure time. They allow players to express special abilities through characters in the video game. Moreover, games such as Final Fantasy 7 include some level of AI in non-player characters, which makes the game enjoyable even when played by a single player. Furthermore, Video games have come a long way since the days of text-based computer games. Today, 3D and HD graphics technologies make it possible to render science-fiction story-lines in a more realistic manner. In that regard, we are going to discuss Everything We Know about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

According to a Square Enix job listing, the game is still far off from being released. The job listing states that the company is searching for level planners for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to help it increase its quality and meet expectations from fans. Siliconera was the first to spot the ad and translate it to reveal the company’s intention to gather a larger core development team, which will help it take the game’s quality a notch higher. The statement from the company loosely translated to, “We have decided that the best way to meet expectations from fans is to raise the quality of the game a step higher.”

“In that regard, we will have to add a new group of members to the current Final Fantasy VII Remake development team. The new members will form a core group of battlefield planners, level planners, engineers, designers, and fill other jobs roles needed to meet the production needs of a big title.” The loosely translated statement read. However, Siliconera said it’s still worth noting from the job listing, that this isn’t a last minute rush to get a team to deal with a huge and increasing workload. The new team will be encouraged to contribute in the development of the game’s characters and help to brainstorm level designs for the game’s recreated locations.

Yosuke Matsuda who is Square Enix’s president said we should expect to see the release in about three year. Which means the game is clearly a long way off for those who were eager to get hold of it. Moreover, Square made an announcement last year that from then henceforth, they were going to develop the title “internally.” Previously, they worked with CyberConnect2, a studio they had collaborated with. The decision according to Naoki Hamaguchi was to help them take control of everything and enable them adhere to a strict schedule.

Fans can therefore rest easy knowing that they are going to get a high quality video. There is no rush to release the title, and all the studio cares about right now is the quality of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We believe that’s a step in the right direction; the advancement of the video graphics technology means that there are more video games that render more realistically on our screens. It therefore means that for the big titles to stand out, they need to do more than create satisfactory video game content. While the remake was first shown at E3 2015, we didn’t get to see it during the E3 2017 event. We therefore hope they have something for us in the coming E3 2018.

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