How to Get Going with an Enchantment Table in Minecraft

One way you can elevate your Minecraft game is by enchanting various items in your 3D block world. To do this, you’ll need an enchantment table. You’ll have to use an enchantment table to enchant a variety of items. These tables range from experience level one to seven. There’s a book on the enchantment table that will open once a player is within range. The book will also face that player and flip its pages every few seconds. In addition, you can get better enchantments by placing bookshelves a couple of blocks around the table. You’ll know the bookshelves have been placed properly when animated symbols move into the book. The enchantment table can enchant the following items: armor, axes, books, bows, pickaxes, shovels, and swords.

Purpose of Enchantment

This enchantment table is merely one block; its purpose it to augment the mentioned tools, weapons, armor, and books to improve the existing abilities or add their current abilities and usages. In short, you’ll be making an item more powerful by enchanting it.

There are three different enchanting methods that can be used in Survival mode. Two of these methods are done through an anvil. With an anvil, you can take two of the same items that have different existing enchantments and combine them into one. You can also take an item and combine it with and enchanted book. Lastly, you can take an enchantment table and exchange it for experience points.

You can obtain an enchantment through different methods as well. However, you’ll be required to use an enchantment table and 1 to 3 lapis lazuli to enchant an item.

Steps to Enchant an Item Using an Enchantment Table

Opening the enchantment table

Before you get started, you should make sure that you actually have an item that you want to enchant. There are only select items that you can enchant, so it’ll be helpful to check that first. More importantly, you need to make sure that you actually have an enchantment table. If you don’t, you’ll need to obtain one first. You can obtain enchantment tables using any pickaxe. If an enchantment table is mined without a pickaxe, it will unfortunately drop nothing.

Remember that you should also try to maximize the enchantments available. You can do this by surrounding the enchantment table with bookshelves at least one block in distance. By doing this, you can achieve the maximum enchantment level of 30.

Once you’ve got your enchantment table on the map, all you’ll need to do is stand in front of it. Different versions of Minecraft will require different game controls to open the enchantment table. Once open, you’ll be able to see the enchantment menu, which is made up of two boxes.

Adding the item to enchant

The first box on the left is the spot where you’ll be placing the item you want to enchant. The second box is the spot for your lapis lazuli. Once you’ve placed these items on the menu, you’ll see the possible enchantment options on three slots to the right of your boxes.

Let’s pretend you wanted to enchant a stone sword. On the enchantment menu, place the stone sword on the left box and then put as much lapis lazuli as you want. One lapis lazuli will yield 1 enchantment option; two will yield 2 options; and three will of course yield 3 enchantments. You’ll notice that the last row of enchantment will show the maximum experience level you’ll need to have in order to use that particular enchantment. Lower experience level players should only use 1 lapis lazuli. Gain more experience points by killing mobs. Otherwise, you can also gain points by using the /xp command.

Hover over to the enchantment you’d like to see what you can get and at what cost.

Selecting the enchantment

Click on the enchantment of your choice. Once you have done that, you would’ve spent your lapis lazuli and the required experience points. You’ll notice that the item you were trying to enchant (the stone sword in this case) is now glowing purple. To see the new powers of your item, simply hover over it.

You can now move your newly enchanted item back into your inventory.

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