Eleven of the Best Fictional Drug Dealers in Movies

Not too long ago, I gave you a comprehensive list of memorable movie stoners.  Expanding on that theme somewhat, I decided to compile a list of the best fictional drug dealers in movies.  After all, our movie stoners need to get their goodies from somewhere.  You won’t find George Jung, Henry Hill, or Frank Lucas in this article because they were actually real people, and this article is for fictional drug dealers only.  There’s some crossover from the stoners article, but being a dealer and a stoner can be a good thing – not fiscally, but for entertainment purposes.  Anyway, let’s get on with it.  Here are, in no particular order, eleven of the best fictional drug dealers in movies:

Frank White – King of New York


There were no dime bags for Frank White; this notorious drug lord was big time.  White was as successful as he was dangerous, known to politicans and gangsters alike.  He “never killed a man who didn’t deserve it” and unlike most other criminals, White actually wanted to give back to his community.  The smoothest move White pulls in King of New York is when he and his woman are accosted by a young man on the subway.  White gives the man a huge wad of cash (which was pocket change to White) and offers him a job, which the man accepts.  That’s friggin’ made.  Frank White may be dead, but his memory remains thanks to the countless number of rappers who have referenced him in their songs.  Speaking of which…

Tony Montana – Scarface


Starting off in Miami as a destitute “politcal refugee” from Cuba, Tony Montana obtains a green card and freedom by carrying out a hit with his boy Manny.  From there, the power-hungry Tony only gets bigger, working for kingpin Frank Lopez and eventually taking Lopez’s life, woman, and business.  If you haven’t seen Scarface, you should do so quickly.  It’s every rapper’s favorite movie, but more importantly, in a very morbid type of way, it’s the American Dream.

Saul Silver – Pineapple Express


Saul Silver is the antithesis of dealers like Frank White, Tony Montana, and (as listed below) especially Li’l Ze.  He’s isn’t violent at all, and his decision to deal drugs isn’t for money or power, but rather for the unselfish reason of helping his grandmother find a nice place to live.  Saul Silver is definitely the kindest dude on this list.  I’d love to buy weed from him.

Ricky Fitts – American Beauty


Sly, slick Ricky Fitts is only in high school, but he’s made a boatload of cash from slangin’ the goods.  He even starts dealing to his neighbor, Lester Burnham, and smokes him out with top-notch snuff.  After convincing his father that’s he gay, Ricky tells his girlfriend Jane Burnham (Lester’s daughter) that he can move them out to the city with the help of some people he knows.  “Other drug dealers?”  “Yes.”  Ricky gets on this list for two reasons: 1) he’s a straight hustler, making bank at such an early age and 2) for putting that bitch Angela in her place, calling her normal and boring and making her cry.

Caine Lawson – Menace II Society


I’ve already listed Caine as one of the best dudes ever, so you should know how highly I think of him.  To reiterate:  Caine rules in every aspect of life, from robbing marks to knocking girls up and then denying all responsibility.  Oh yeah, he sells dope, too, but it’s mostly to support his girlfriend Ronnie and her son.  See, even a tough guy like Caine has a little bit of Saul Silver in him.

Luke Shapiro – The Wackness


Luke is a teenager like Ricky Fitts, but he doesn’t have Ricky’s confidence.  As such, Luke uses weed as currency to pay for sessions with his therapist, who also shares a lack of success with women.  Luke is a bit nerdy and definitely awkward, which makes him stand out quite a bit from the other dealers in this article, but he’s also clever enough to deal drugs in the streets of New York without getting caught.  Notable: Luke’s supplier, Percy, is played by Method Man.  When did you think you’d see Method Man and Ben Kingsley in the same movie?

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  1. Greg:

    Ice Cube is not even the best fictional drug dealer in the damn movie. That award, without a doubt, goes to the shirtless drug deal from the beginning of the movie, Ric Rock. Mr. Rock not only tricks a 9 year old into throwing him the football, he then smacks the kid in the face when he asks for it back.

    By the way, who was that 9 year old???? Your so-called best fictional drug dealer – Doughboy Baker (a/k/a Ice Cube).

  2. @ Daniel

    How bout reading the article:

    “You won’t find George Jung, Henry Hill, or Frank Lucas in this article because they were actually real people, and this article is for fictional drug dealers only.”

  3. i’m with Brucey. Samsonite in Half Baked was the man. I’d kill to have the eye candy he had protecting me. Plus he didn’t play the radio when it came to protecting his business.

  4. i’m having a brain meltdown and i need your help. what movie has a drug dealer in it where he gets all of these women strung out and uses them one i believe he actually kills by putting something in the heroin. it’s a faded memory for me but i remember liking it i know i havn’t given alot of info but if anyone can help i would appreciate it. thx

  5. Timothy Olyphant playing Todd Gaines in the movie “Go.” I think the movie is amazing and incredibly underrated…definitely think you should check it out(:

  6. No 1. Nino Brown… Omg I don’t know how many times have I seen New Jack City, and every time I’m sad after it coz Wesley could never do a part as good as this one… Nino Brown rulez…

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