Eight Amazing Carlton Banks Dance Videos


I’m having a bad day so far today. I woke up with a migraine, I got an e-mail notification saying I forgot to pay my cable bill and I woke up to a voicemail from a girl who just canceled our lunch plans for later.

But you know what, **** that stuff. There is only one way to make a bad day better, and that is to watch Sir Carlton Banks of Bel Air work his goofy dancing magic. I’ve assembled the eight best Carlton dance videos that will make even the most depressing day a shade or two brighter. Enjoy:

1. Carlton Dances to Tom Jones

The classic Carlton dance where it all began.

2. Carlton Dances to the Oprah Theme

I totally forgot about the Fresh Prince where they went on Oprah. Of course Carlton loved her.

3. Carlton Sells Pepsi with Michael Jackson

Wow, did NOT know this existed.

4. Carlton Dances on Speed at the Prom

The necessary “drugs are bad” family sitcom episode. But he’s such a good dancer, I want to take speed!

5. Carlton Teaches You How to Dance via His Rad Book

Yes, via book. And how old was he here? Like ten? It must have been after his big Michael Jackson/Pepsi break.

6. Carlton Dances on Soul Train

This was great because he outdanced Will with his goofy ass moves. Nice backflip.

7. Carlton and Will Dance to “Jump On It”

Most definitely my favorite video on this list and this moment was probably one of the best in Fresh Prince history.

8. Years After Fresh Prince, Real Life Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) Dances to Tom Jones Live on Stage


This would be kind of sad if it were say, Vanilla Ice, but since it’s Carlton, it’s totally awesome.

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  1. It sounds like you don’t even realize that before he was Carlton, he was Ricky Schroeder’s dancing friend on Silver Spoons. I haven’t got the time, but since you do this for a living, do a little searching for some of those bad-ass 80’s moves!

  2. Wow! Sweet vids, I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan! I never knew that “Carlton” was on the Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial, he is a really good dancer (Carlton) well, he was lucky to dance with Michael so young.

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