Dr. Seuss’s Video Games

seuss new1

She is just a small girl,
but has no fear of capture.

She has a Big Daddy
down with her in Rapture.

I didn’t write that. Needs a few different beats to work, but the art is great!

This series is from Dr. Seuss’s resurrected corpse who goes by the name Dr. FaustusAU on DeviantArt. We’ve featured some of his work before, which mainly involves re-rending everything in the style of Dr. Seuss.

This time, he’s focused on three games in particular, and has written little rhymes for each of them. See Skyrim and Silent Hill below. Those rhymes flow a little bit better. I’m just going to rewrite the above one because it’s bothering me:

“She is a small girl
with no fear of capture

Safe with Big Daddy
way down in Rapture”

seuss new2

Back up, my friends.
Please make some room.
I’m just about to shout my Thu’um!”



What is this place?
I cannot tell.

Is it just fog,
or is it hell?”

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