DIY No More: Official Replica Portal Guns Now For Sale

Ladies (or ballsy fellows), do you want to dress up as Chell for Halloween this year, but don’t want to try to assemble a haphazard portal gun out of cardboard and coathangers? Well, you’re in luck.

At long last an officially licensed Portal Gun is hitting the market. This April, Hobby Search has the first gun available for purchase, though you can start preordering it now.

It’s $170, but can you really put a price on running around, pretending to shoot portals on walls while imagining a malevolent robot is trying to kill you? I think not. Though your subsequent court fees at your insanity hearing might run a bit higher than that.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. Couple months ago, I may have actually considered buying this. Huge fan of Portal, TF2, etc! But after a couple instances experiencing Valve’s horrifyingly atrocious customer service, I’m done directly or indirectly giving them a paycheck. Which I’m a little bummed about, their games and other products are sweet!

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  3. This is awesome and I really want one and NECA says they don’t sell to the public but to hobby stores. If you’re selling them here, where do i go!?!?! I NEED TO KNOW!

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