Disney Princesses as Comic Book Superheroines

Disney Heroes 6

As always, you had me at “Disney Princesses,” but follow that up with comic book characters, and you’ve got yourself an insta-feature.

The artist in question today is AegisKitty, and she’s taken it upon herself to draw adorable versions of many of the major Disney princesses dressed up like famous Marvel and DC comic book superheroines.

I like Mulocke above, but you should probably check out the others like Cinderella Frost, Aqua Ariel and Bellerogue. Sorry, it was hard to combine some of these names effectively. But just see for yourself below:

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  1. Even if you don’t come up with some cute combo-names, can you please list the Superheroine characters that each Princess is paired with, for us who know ALL the Princesses, but not the Comic Book character?

  2. Tiana: Vixen (DC)
    Belle: Rogue (Marvel)
    Cinderella: Emma Frost (Marvel)
    Snow White: Wonder Woman (DC)
    Jasmine: Wonder Girl/Donna Troy (DC)
    Ariel: Mera/Aquaman’s wife (DC)
    Mulan: Psylocke (Marvel)
    Aurora: Black Canary (DC)

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