10 Great Deleted Scenes from Family Guy

Family Guy

Just like in movies television shows have a lot of work in their editing rooms.  There’s plenty of crap that needs to be taken out to make the show flow smoothly and without too many repercussions.  But most times when movies or TV edit scenes, it’s to delete scenes that would make the show worse.

I’m convinced Family Guy doesn’t do this.  I’m pretty sure they just delete scenes they think will be too controversial.  I say this because the deleted scenes are still better than 95% of the crap on TV today anyway.

Here are 10 great deleted scenes from Family Guy


Wait for it, wait for it, Peter is right

The List


I love the way he says “vagine”

We’ve Got Bush


Any chance you have to post Booger on your website you don’t hesitate.

House Roofing Contest


This couldn’t be any more racist if it tried

Peter Watches a Pie Fight


It doesn’t get any better than this…

Bad Santa


Love it

Peter Laughing


I absolutely love when the show does this

A Rare Cursing Moment


I had to watch this twice to believe it

On the Road to Germany

I had to get one of the Jerky boys in here

Stewie Kills a Hooker



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  1. Sorry, but this list is crap. How could they intentionally omit the scene from the 2nd season episode where Peter watches a relationship video meant just for women, and then the woman unbuttons her blouse, removes her bra exposing nipples, squeezes her tits together, reveals a vibrator (all visible in frame), and then puts the vibrator inside her (off-frame)? This scene has been around on the P2P sites since 2001.

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