Debate of The Day: Can Android Consoles Prosper?


Last week, rumors broke out that Amazon is reportedly planning to release an Android console of their own around Black Friday. We also heard about the report stating that only 27% of Ouya owners have actually purchased a game for the console. With graphics and hardware talk aside, there are still a sizable amount of consumers, gamers or not, who use android applications and games. Is there simply no market for it on console? Or did the Ouya and other similar devices simply fail in execution to achieve a mass market appeal?

Some think that Android consoles have a shot at taking the green in the hands of Amazon and Google. Google is also rumored to have an Android console up their sleeves as well. You can read an opinion about how these companies can do what the Ouya can’t here. Personally, I think that there is room for Android consoles in the market. Heck, I think that people will buy an iOS console too if Apple packages it the right way. They can even just add a gaming component to their Apple TV and it’ll be an all in one entertainment hub for ‘casual’ gamers. Amazon, Google, and Apple have music and video streaming services too which they can add to their consoles. Sort of like a junior Xbox One if you ask me. Aside from deep pockets, these companies already have legions of loyal consumers and they have wide distribution networks for their content.

The price is quite appealing too, if they follow the Ouya’s price point. I would consider purchasing one too. If I had kids over at my place, they could play simple Android games because they wouldn’t really care about complex and detailed games yet. Add in Amazon or Google’s streaming service, they could easily switch to watching Yo Gabba Gabba or something similar. I could see how it can be particularly appealing to parents who want a console for their young child, but don’t have the budget and need for more ‘powerful’ consoles. This is just my opinion though.

What do you think?

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