That Guy Actor of the Week: Anthony Heald

I’ve always thought of Anthony Heald as a poor man’s Nick Nolte.  Or at least he looks like he’d be Nick Nolte’s brother don’t you think?  Heald is always cast as a guy who is kind of a scumbag.  There’s just no other way to put it.  Every role I see him in he seems like he’s cocky, snotty, and rules the world.

From Silence of the Lambs to Time to Kill, and even on television he just has this weasel like appearance.   But I guess that means he’s good at what he does because I know I can’t stand all of his characters.  Heald is still around but not acting nearly as much.   Only one appearance since 2008.

A clip of Heald after the jump…..


He even seems kind of snooty in real life.  Is it his face?  I think it’s his face.

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  1. I’m not so sure he comes off as snooty IRL, as much as he comes off as a well educated New Englander who from a successful family background.

    I think movies/TV/media in general have framed people with these traits in a negative light over the years. The combination of intellectualism, slight feminism and an air of coming from high money created a recipe that fits perfectly onto the plate of the bureaucratical villain.

    I feel this type of villain is mostly an US invention, as he or she is often pitted against the down and dirty underdog from the other side of the tracks…who utilizes street smarts and witty charm to defeat said villain, with US Americans having the “rags to riches” story bred into the memetic makeup of our culture.

    “How dare the establishment tell me what to do or how to do it, I know the best way to do it….just because”.

    That’s not to say that the establishment is always correct, or that a change of power isn’t needed every once in a while…

    Just my two cents, enough early morning rambling…I need my coffee.

  2. The “poor man’s” expression doesn’t work based on appearance alone. They have to kind of be LIKE that actor too, and since this guy is nearly the polar opposite of Nolte in that regard. . .well, you don’t get that expression, I guess is what I’m saying.

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