Nerds in Love: Physicist Proposes with an Academic Paper



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I’m a proud member of the “my significant other is quite a bit smarter than me” club, and as such I probably would have never thought of something this clever when I proposed to her.

From one physicist to another, this guy wrote up a document that proposes to his girl in exceptionally academic terms, taking on the format of one of those papers that have to be approved by a million people before it can be published. “Peer review” is it? I’m really proving my point here.

In any case, it’s all rather romantic despite the sterility of the language contained within. I particularly like the time/happiness graph.

Read it for yourself above and if you’re a smartypants like these two, don’t show this to your girlfriend so you can do it yourself and pretend you’re creative when the time comes.

[via Geekologie]

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