Damn You, Zack Snyder

…your stupid good trailers keep getting my hopes up for Man of Steel. But I haven’t liked a Superman movie yet, so I’m forever going to be cautious until the credits are rolling.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone actually just look like the real life Superman we’ve all envisioned our whole lives. It’s no wonder Henry Cavill landed this role, but the costume designers should be congratulated as well. It’s the blowing, flowing cape that really does it.

Anyway, I promise we’re not turning into some viral marketing campaign for this movie, but I really truly am excited for it, for better or worse.

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  1. Well, Snyder always cuts a good trailer. Period.

    Something about this project continues to seem off to me. I think it’s a tone thing… this trailer (score and specific visuals aside) is VERY reminiscent of Batman Begins to me, and I don’t really ever want to be comparing a Batman movie and a Superman movie. There’s a heavy-handed quality to this trailer that doesn’t quite sit well with me.

    This could be 100% marketing lies, but it’s strange to me that Pacific Rim is reading as more good-natured and optimistic than Superman, Star Trek, or Iron Man this year.

    For me, the gold-standard Superman comic is All-Star Superman, and this movie doesn’t seem to have any of the joy, weirdness, or even colors of the stories Morrison spun in that volume. Not that it’s possible to adapt Grant Morrison to film, but that’s the iteration of the character that speaks to me most clearly.

    Of course, the movie could turn out to be amazing, and then I’d have another great Superman movie on my shelf, but I’m in “wait and see mode.”

  2. All-Star Superman was actually adapted in an animated straight-to-dvd film and it was pretty damn good. Left out the Bizarro nonsense (thank GOD) and some other stuff, but it was as close to a straight Morrison adaptation as we’re ever likely to get. And who doesn’t like Superman 2? Come on, man! It’s flawed, but at the time that sucker was earth-shattering.

  3. @trashcanman

    I’ve always been a little perplexed when people reach for Superman 2 instead of Superman: The Movie. I think there’s a great film hidden somewhere in the sequel, but it didn’t make it out alive IMO. The first movie is terrific, though.

    Someday I’ll check out that animated All-Star Superman, but I have a feeling it’ll be a somewhat thin interpretation of the book. Of course, I say this as someone who rather enjoys all that Bizarro nonsense.

  4. I honestly didn’t think the animated version of “All-Star Superman” was that great. I think it’s actually pretty disjointed, especially if you haven’t read the comic.

    However, the comic IS excellent but barring it and “Superman For All Seasons”, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t like Superman at all. Sure, this trailer for the movie is better than the others, and I hope it’s fun and good and all, but it still did pretty much nothing for me.

  5. The trailer is a pretty logical eye-candy, with some grasping acting moments still. Really hoping for the best..

    …actually judging from the trailers only, i dare to say “Let this guy direct Mass Effect: The (trilogy?) ! Some of the shots reminded me momentarily of the scenes from the games, also the colour array looks somewhat similar…doesn’t it?

  6. I keep on rewinding 1:00 to 1:10. The look on Kevin Costner’s face is so emotionless, which is sad since it had the potential for a very powerful scene there.

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