A Very Civil War By Loopydave


If you don’t know who Loopydave on Deviantart is then you should familiarize yourself with him because his work is excellent.  He’s been a member on this for over 8 years and his work  goes across a range of styles and drawing techniques. These include cartoon stuff for animation, mascots, children’s books, medical-style technical illustrations, portraits, pin-ups, caricatures and book covers – topics that are both serious and silly.

Dave works as a freelancer and my personal favorites of his are his combination of caricature art and humor.  He does an excellent job of combining the two.   One work that I was taken with today is something Dave did in April of 2016.  A very simple but very effective comic utilizing Captain America and Ironman.

Bagels and Tea solve everything.  Don’t you agree?

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