A Themed Pizza and Other Crazy Green Lantern Stuff We Must Own

5 Green Lantern Items I Would Own

For those that know me, you know that I side more with the Marvel world than I do with DC. Yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the bounty from both comic book camps. I own a variety of comic trinkets such as a Flash t-shirt, a Batman mask and utility belt, Spider-Man webbing, Deadpool bobble-head, action figures from each respective powerhouse and plenty of other miscellaneous goodies. Looking through my small yet adequate collection I realized what I don’t have is anything from the Green Lantern Corps.

I must fix this!

Scouring the webs I found some items that I’ve now pummeled my Amazon wishlist with. I tried to stay away from the typical fare of the Green Lantern rings or oddities like Green Lantern pizza. No, these are items that I would be stoked to own and can actually use or display in my office at work. (for whatever reason I have no shame in hiding that I love comics from my fellow co-workers)

1. Green Lantern Costume

Green Lantern Costume

This is about the most bad ass armor I’ve seen that isn’t Batman or Iron Man. Bonus that you can actually buy this directly from an Etsy shop!

2. Green Lantern Power Battery

Green Lantern Power Battery

No, I don’t want the normal one, nor do I want the one that was in that poor excuse of a comic book movie. I want this working LEGO version. *thinks to himself, I wonder if I can spray paint enough of my existing pieces green and make one myself…hmmmmm

3. Green Lantern Boxers

Green Lantern Boxers

Not that I would walk around the office in these flaunting my new purchase, but I definitely would own a pair.

4. Green Lantern Corps Munny

Green Lantern Munny

A Munny is a “toy” that starts out as a white blank surface for an artist to use as their canvas for any idea they can come up with. This particular artist has gone and painted out a few renditions of some Green Lanterns and I’d love to have the entire set!

5. Green Lantern Poster

Green Lantern Poster

No Evil Shall Escape My LIGHT! I might not know a lot about the Green Lantern or have a single comic of his but this poster is awesome. I’d take it the exact way it looks in this picture, frame and all.

Oh, but I did find this …


If I had a Green Lantern Pizza, I’m sure that my coworkers wouldn’t allow it to sit in my office for too long.

Anyone have some awesome stuff they can send me? I take donations, I’m not to proud to beg either. (I would love an actual Green Lantern comic book here and there too, should I admit I don’t own one of those either?)


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