10 Things You Didn’t Know about DC Villain Menagerie

It has been revealed that the character called Menagerie will be making an appearance on Supergirl. Currently, the extent to which the show character will match the comic book character remains a mystery, but interested individuals should nonetheless be capable of finding out some useful information by looking up the source of inspiration. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Menagerie:

1. Is an Antihero

Generally speaking, superpowered DC characters can be categorized as either heroes or villains. However, it is interesting to note that DC Comics have their antiheroes as well, even if they tend to be less well-known than their Marvel counterparts. Menagerie can be considered an excellent example of a DC antihero because of her team membership.

2. Member of the Elite

In short, Menagerie is best-known for being a member of the Elite, which is an entire team of antiheroes. Primarily, people will know them because of the time when they went up against Superman, which was prompted by their eagerness to carry out the unlawful killing of criminals. Something that the most famous DC superheroes won’t do unless they have very pressing reasons that have forced their hand.

3. Is Puerto Rican

It has been stated that Menagerie is Puerto Rican. With that said, her background isn’t a particularly important element of her character.

4. Not One But Two Characters

Menagerie isn’t one but rather two separate characters who have borne the same name. The first Menagerie is named Pam, while the second Menagerie is named Sonja. Both characters were members of the Elite. Moreover, the two characters are sisters.

5. Linked with Symbiotic Weapon

Both characters got their superpowers because of their symbiotic link with an alien weapon. More precisely, the alien weapon consisted of creatures called symbeasts, which explains much about the name of the character.

6. The Symbeasts Can Shapeshift

Primarily, the symbeasts are capable of shapeshifting for increased usefulness under a wide range of circumstances. For example, the symbeasts can form claws, thus providing Menagerie with a set of formidable hand-to-hand weapons. Likewise, the symbeasts can form wings, which can be used to provide her with a form of flight.

7. The Symbeasts Can Generate Bio-Electric Bursts

However, it should be mentioned that the symbeasts are by no means limited to shapeshifting. This can be seen in how they are capable of generating bio-electric bursts. While their capabilities are much more dramatic than what can be found in real life, the concept isn’t that out there, seeing as how there are a surprising number of fish species that make excellent use of bioelectricity for hunting as well as protecting themselves.

8. The Symbeasts Can Make People Tell the Truth

Speaking of which, some of the symbeasts’ capabilities are much stranger. This can be seen in how one symbeast possesses the ability to make someone tell the truth by biting them, which presumably involves injecting said individual with some kind of truth serum. In real life, there is nothing as convenient as a truth serum. There are certainly various substances that can make people more talkative, but there is nothing that can make them more truthful. If anything, the substances that make people more talkative have unfortunate tendencies of making them more suggestible as well, thus making them useless for finding out the truth.

9. Has Acidic Blood

With that said, Menagerie isn’t wholly helpless without the intervention of the symbeasts. This can be seen in how she has acidic blood, which can make for a dangerous weapon when she is wounded. In fact, the character seems to find it so useful that she has been known to get deliberate injured, thus enabling her to attack in a very unexpected and thus very dangerous manner.

10. Doesn’t Have the Best Relationship with Manchester Black

Menagerie isn’t the sole character to show up on Supergirl. After all, Manchester Black was the leader of the Elite, with whom Menagerie didn’t exactly have the best relationship. To be exact, Black put the first Menagerie into a permanent vegetative state by inducing a stroke, which was prompted by her revealing critical information to Superman. As such, it will be interesting to see whether the two characters’ connection will come up in the show in one way or another.

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