Borderlands Needs Physics Too


When you think of Borderlands, you think of “stylish graphics,” with its cartoony, cell-shaded art style, but you don’t necessarily think of “good graphics” the way you might for Crysis or Skyrim. But turns out the game benefits from a great graphics card just like any other.

The difference can be seen in the above video which shows just how many more particle effects are available when you have a graphics card that actually works. Unlike mine, which just made me buy a copy of Sleeping Dogs for consoles because the free version I got on Steam because it ran too sluggishly on my computer. Sigh. Yes, yes I know it’s “easy” to build my own non-crappy PC, but I just haven’t had time yet.

Anyway, watch the video above and it might convince you the PC version is worth a go over the console variant if your computer can manage it.

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  1. @Scrub

    These effects are exclusive to Nvidia cards.

    installing PhysX will allow you to use PhysX for the games that require it, but those extra effects are going to be exclusive to nvidia hardware, cause thats how middleware roles.

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