Black Widow Cosplay Pictures Before The Avengers Lets Loose

Is anyone here jacked up to see The Avengers tomorrow?  Neither am I.   I mean I’m sure some of us will go see it just to go see it.  However, given that I didn’t like Iron Man II, Thor, The Hulk, or Captain America, why in the hell would I want to see all of these characters in one group?

About the only thing that I’m interested in is seeing ScarJo in her Black Widow outfit.   Hey what can I say?  At least I’m admitting it.   Speaking of which, you had to figure that there’d be some Black Widow ladies out there in the last few months.

And there certainly were.   Check out our gallery after the jump…

Credit to Buzzfeed for these photos

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  1. I didn’t like Iron Man II, The Hulk, or Captain America either. And Thor was only ok for me. But The Avengers is pretty good. It’s bigger, funnier and surprisingly focused for a movie with a bunch of superheroes. Just a great time at the movies. It’s weird when everyone has seen an American movie but people living in America.

  2. Didn’t like Iron Man II, et al? Do you like any superhero movies at all? Eh, to each his own I guess but seriously, those were pretty good movies. Thor was only ok, but the rest were solid.

  3. I thought Iron Man II was pretty good, Captain America was decent, Thor was excellent, and Hulk was passable. The writer clearly doesn’t like superhero movies, but critical acclaim and massive box office grosses show that the assumption that most people aren’t interested in The Avengers is silly.

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