The Ice Cream Robot Series by Jon Reinfurt

I know that many times we look to Deviantart for things like Fanart pertaining to video games, movies, comics, and the like.  But recently we’ve seen some amazing works come out of Behance.   I would consider Behance to be more of a creative art type of a site than one that focuses on dedication to specific genres and media.

Recently I stumbled upon an amazing work called “The Ice Cream Robot Series” by Jon Reinfurt.   Here’s how Jon describes it:

This series of collage paintings where created for a gallery show back in 2009. I wanted to explore the theme of “consumption” in a way that would be open for interpretation by the viewer while still having a very deliberate narrative. Since mankind is entirely dependent on the consumption of natural resources in order to both survive and progress, I felt that the tone of the paintings should not be overly negative but should leave room for further meditation on the subject. Like all things in life, this issue is not black or white. It’s too easy to just say that something is wrong without really thinking about how we got to where we are in the first place.

Check out his work after the jump…..

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