So Dogs are Getting Plastic Surgery Now? Say it Ain’t So


How’s this for unreal?  Yup, that’s right.  The very shallow, very anonymous owner of a dog named Snooky (yes, Snooky) decided that it was time for her dog to go under the knife.  According to a story published on E!, said owner felt that after tons of teasing and bullying from other dogs, her dog Snooky would benefit from a little cosmetic procedure.   The owner says,

“I always thought he was such a handsome pup, but he was teased so relentlessly for so many years,” she dishes to E!. “And to be honest, it was time for him to get something done. Thankfully, Hollywood had a solution.”

Of course there’s no way in hell the owner was giving up the doctor’s information for fear of a major backlash (which frankly is inevitable).   “I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the doctor who worked on Snooky,” she admits. “He doesn’t want to be mentioned due to the possibility of unwanted attention, but as you can tell from his work, he’s the best of the best.”

Unwanted attention?  Yeah we’d say that’s fairly accurate.  So what do you think readers?  Does this dog look better now?

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