Beautiful Tribute To Satoru Iwata


All this Iwata stuff is really starting to get to me. I keep seeing all the fans looking back and not letting people forget how big of an impact he has had on the industry and their childhoods. He has had a colossal impact on mine, and honestly its becoming increasingly more difficult to hold back my tears.

The man was a legend. We looked at him and never thought about our troubles, we just thought that Iwata was here to cheer us up with some new games from our favorite company. He became not so much a man in charge but truly a friend of ours, along with Reggie, Miyamoto and others.

He didn’t judge us, he was never upset. He made valiant sacrifices for the good of the company and seemed to always be happy. He loved gaming and we did too, so he really knew his fans more than any other gaming CEO I know of. He was, actually no, is a gamer, by the truest definition. Although we have never met, it sort of feels like I’ve lost a family member.

He might not have been the greatest CEO of Nintendo, but he had a bond with the fans that transcends that of any other CEO by a monumental degree. And that alone is enough for me.

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