Batman Needs to Man Up

Your parents die, you become Batman. That’s pretty much standard comic book lore, but it’s a plot device that’s used far more often than you might imagine.

In this comic that’s a hell of a lot longer than what you see above, Batman learns that he needs to stop crying about his parents, because half of his contemporaries share the same issue, or worse.

I think Superman’s story is actually the saddest, but at least he has awesome superpowers to cheer him up.

Check out the rest of the comic below:

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  1. Wolverine killed both his parents? And shouldn’t that be Aunt and Uncle for Spidey? I have been out of the comics loop for so long I don’t know any more.

  2. I laughed, a lot.
    Dam, I didn’t imagine you need to lose your all family to become a superhero. Guess I’ll have to wait a little.

  3. I still think Green Arrow takes the cake.

    Parents killed by lions on safari (because he didn’t shoot them).
    Stranded on an island.
    His ward becomes a heroin addict.
    Loses his fortune.
    His girlfriend repeatedly turns down his proposals.
    He gets raped by his (female) enemy (who gets pregnant).
    Forced to kill his best friend.
    Is resurrected without a soul.
    Finally marries his girlfriend!
    But she breaks up with him after he gets arrested.
    Now lives in a forest.

  4. Hey suck Balls He’s a B-Lister ! Green Arrow has been a MAIN stay of the Justice League for A LONG time. Fugg outta here B-Lister ! B-Lister like my ass crack.

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