Baldur’s Gate 3 – Recruiting Jaheira Tips

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that is packed with things to do and characters to meet. Halfway through the campaign, players will encounter a high-Elf named Jaheira. She is a fan favorite of this franchise and many players will be happy to know that she makes a return in this third entry. However, she won’t be available for recruitment until Act II. Even though it is possible to recruit her to be part of your party, there is a step-by-step process on how to do this. This will take some time and effort in order to get this right. One mistake could spell an unwillingness of her wanting to join up.

So, the first thing to do is be nice to her and stick to your promises when you first meet her. She will want you to snatch an artifact from Ketheric Thorm. Once you agree to do this, go ahead and complete that quest and get it out of the way. Players will first meet Jaheria at the Last Light Inn. This place is a little tricky to find and you will need to venture off the beaten path in order to locate it. However, there is more than one path to take to find this place.

You can find the Last Light Inn by either taking the Mountain Pass or Underdark route. Here is where you will find the area of Moonrise Towers. Directly north of it, is the Last Light Inn, which Jaheira will be guarding. Strike a conversation with her, where she will request a few things from you. These will be involved with completing a number of quests like; dealing with the Nightsong, going underneath the Gauntlets of Shar, breaking into Moonrise Towers and a couple of others.

Taking On Moonrise Towers

Once all these side-quests are completed, then Jaheira will be ready to go after Moonrise Towers. There are two ways to go about this, either she can be a part of your party on a temporary basis, or let her lead her own army as support. Either choice won’t make a difference in regards of her recruitment in Baldur’s Gate 3. The most challenging part of this mission is trying to clear out the first floor. It will be flooded with enemies. Once this area is cleared, make way to the top of the tower and face off with Ketheric Thorm. Once his HP has been chipped away to around 30%, he retreat into the pits underneath the tower.

Before going after him, speak to Jaheira and ask her to “join you with facing Kethric.” This is when she will become an official member of your party. She won’t replace anyone, she will simply just be a fifth member during this battle. Now, there are several possibilities that Jaheira can die during this fight, and players will need to be careful on what decisions that should make. One wrong move could sour the recruitment process. So, be sure to plan ahead, accordingly.

Making Decisions To Recruit Jaheira

There are a few things to keep in mind before going after Kethric while completing some of Jaheira’s side-quests. Whenever it is time to discover the origins of the Dark Urge, players will need to make the decision on whether or not to kill Isobel. Don’t do it. Doing this will anger Jaheira down the line, and you will have no choice but to fight her. Which will ultimately lead to her death. Thus, whenever enemies take over the Last Light Inn, try and keep Isobel in one piece during that battle. Otherwise everyone will be mutated into Shadow Husks, which will completely throw the battle off the rails.

Another thing that players must decide upon when trying to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3, is that Shadowheart must be in your party. Whenever you’re dealing with Nightsong, don’t let Shadowheart destroy her. This will lead to a moment to where Jaheira will end up dying, regardless of how the battle turns out. Be sure to protect Nightsong during the siege of Moonrise towers and let her be a follower. This will be easier to protect her and won’t be as risky.

Jaheira In Your Party

After all this is done, recruiting Jaheira will finally be an option. There a few things to keep in mind with Jaheira in your party in Baldur’s Gate 3. She comes with a soldier background, even though she’s associated with the Druid class. She’ll be pretty powerful during the fight with Kethric. However, once she joins your party, she will go back to being Level 1. Since Jaheira is a Druid, choosing the sub-class, ‘Circle of the Moon‘ is probably the best way to go. This will really help with her shape-shifting abilities.

There are many Skills to use as a Druid. She can be in the range of “support” in many ways. Such skill as; Healing Word, Daylight, Entangle, Heat Metal, Ice Knife and Flaming Sphere are just a few to choose from. Another thing to keep in mind is that Jaheira is pretty malleable when it comes to her class. She can be slowly adjusted to be something else, like a Ranger, for instance. There are many ways that a players can experiment with her to let her be something for suitable to their playstyle.


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that is rich with content. Most of the fun of this game is building up your party and seeing relationships blossom. Despite its epic scope, this game can be an intimate affair for many players. Jaheira is one of many potential characters to recruit, which is only enrich the adventure. Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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