Atomic Heart: Solve The Animal Puzzle

Atomic Heart comes with its fair share of environmental puzzles. One of the most perplexing is the “Animal Puzzle” which players come across during the “In An Overgrown Park” quest. P-3 will find a room that has 9 enclosed tanks with a particular farm animal trapped within. At first glance, it can be difficult to decipher what to do. However, the reality of the situation is more simple than it appears to be. There is a step-by-step process for figuring this out. To avoid wasting time, this guide will lay out the easiest way to bypass this conundrum.

This room is located deep within the Cold Workshop. Solve the puzzle to progress further into it and complete the mission. No doubt that this situation can be a headache and turn a lot of players away. Once players walk into this room, they will see a panel with 9 animals laid out on a grid. They will be highlighted with either the colors green or orange. Each tank comes with a valve that can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise. This is an important detail to take note of. Thus, the scanner is ineffective for this puzzle. The game Atomic Heart doesn’t offer any hand-holding regarding this situation. Players will need to rely on their own gray matter.

Solving The Puzzle

So, the ultimate goal of this puzzle in Atomic Heart is to turn all the highlighted animals green on the panel. The chicken and the cow will be green on the panel by default. So, now all that players need to do is focus on the remaining livestock. Players will need to take a mental note and number all the animals on the panel. So, basically lay out the numbers 1 to 9, reading left to right, starting at the upper left corner of the screen. This will help with organizing the room and give a semblance of order. With all this in mind, it’s time to go to each tank and turn each valve clockwise. Use the control panel as the starting point on where to go according to the list.

  1. Chicken 
  • On the left side of the room from the panel, between the two pigs, there will be a chicken tank there. Turn the valve on that tank first.

2. Chicken

  • The upper left corner of the room will have a chicken tank there. Don’t mess with that one.

3 . Cow

  • The tank is located in the lower right corner of the control panel. Be sure to activate it.

4. Cow

  • The cow tank on the upper right side of the control panel will need to be activated.

5. Cow

  • The right side of the 3rd cow tank that was previously activated will also need to be turned on.

6. Cow

  • The cow tank that on is on the right side from the previously activated tank will not need to be turned on. So, don’t touch it.

7. Cow

  • Directly across from the current cow tank will have another one. Turn the valve and head back to the panel.

8. Pig

  • The lower left side of the panel will have a pig tank that will need to activated.

9. Pig

  • Directly left from the panel will be a pig tank. It will be sitting between the two chicken tanks. Turn the valve on it.

After Solving The Puzzle

Turn all the valves in the correct order. Then, all of the tanks will activate and grind up all the animals into a paste. This shows where Neuropolymer comes from. This substance is needed to upgrade different abilities in Atomic Heart. A door will open and players will be free to enter the Pesticide Workshop. This new segment is dangerous, brimming with all manners of new enemies. There will also be a select few puzzles to solve in this new area. There will also be a new NPC which will need the help of P-3 to rectify a certain situation. Help this person in order to get the last cold canister. This won’t be as easy as it sounds. Because P-3 will need to actually fill the canister by going through a process, which is an entirely different puzzle in its own right.

Inside this place is where P-3 will need to retrieve one of the cold canisters for the “In An Overgrown Park” quest. More than likely, this will be the last one to get. Especially, since getting the others is a fairly straightforward process. Inside the Pesticide Workshop, there will be a miniboss to destroy and some light platforming involved. Getting the last canister is an entire ordeal, which will take some work. So, be sure to use the freshly squeezed Neuropolymer once entering the area. Also swing by a vending machine to stock up on whatever is needed. The Pesticide Workshop is one of the more brutal places in Atomic Heart. So, gearing up accordingly is recommended.


Once all the cold canisters are found, go back to the birch tree and take care of it. Afterward, a new area will open up within the facility to continue P-3’s mission. Needless to say, completing the “In An Overgrown Park” quest in Atomic Heart takes some work. The animal puzzle is best saved for last because the Pesticide Workshop can be a gauntlet to get through. It is recommended to explore the facility and grind a little bit to find resources for upgrading before heading into the Pesticide Workshop. Atomic Heart is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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