Artist Turns 3-Year-Old Into Old Hag for Halloween


It seems that with each passing year the bar being set on kids Halloween costumes is not only higher, but certainly scarier.  It looks as though parents are caring less and less about dressing their kids up provocatively and with extreme detail.  I won’t be one to judge against the parents of the world.  That’s for you guys to decide.  We’ll see just how these kids turn out at some point right?  We’re just here to comment and share some of the more impressive works.    Which leads us to today’s costume which comes from artist Lynn Hetherington Becker:

Hi! My name is Lynn Hetherington Becker and I’m an artist in Columbus, OH. I love body art. One of my favorite things to do is transform young children into amazing creations. In this session, I turned one of my favorite little girls in the whole world into an old hag. She absolutely loved it. Enjoy!

There are many questions I have here but the first that comes to mind, “is this Lynn’s daughter?”  She says it’s one of her favorite little girls.  I don’t know what this means.   in any event, imagine this little tyke rolling up to your house asking for candy.  I think you would be a little freaked out right?  That and extremely impressed.






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