Cosplayer of the Week: Ranma 2020

OK here’s what I truly love about anyone who loves Cosplay and is dedicated to its craft.   They come from all walks of life.   And I mean all walks of life.  Let’s take Ranma2020 who is our Cosplayer of this week.   She’s Bavarian.   She likes to be called Flakes or Chrissi.  One of her dreams is to become Superman.

But in real life?  In real life she’s a teacher for handicapped kids.  How awesome is that?   And chances are her students will never know that she leads this crazy double life posing as different movie, anime, and gaming characters.   Crazy right?

Anyway, check out some awesome pics of Flakes after the jump….

We did a gallery format so you could see full size.

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  1. I bet she dresses up for her handicapped kids, and this is an extension of that. The special education teacher at my high school used to come in every once in a while in costume, because the kids responded more and it helped calm them down since most handicapped children have attention disorders added on to their more serious issues.

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