Artist Creates Life-Size Sculpture of Pianist Made Of 210,000 Matches


There are some people who like to spend their time watching television.  Some people enjoy playing video games.  Others are more outdoors type people.  And then there are some that choose their time doing something that no one else in the world does.  While I’m not sure how much fun it would be to collect over 200,000 matches to turn them into a sculpture, I’m kind of glad that this Croatian artist decided to do so.  Because frankly this sculpture is awesome.  But there’s a small part of me that just wants to jump and completely topple this thing.  Again, a small part of me but man that would be hilarious.  OK it wouldn’t but still….

Tomislav Horvat poses next to a life-size sculpture of a pianist, made of approximately 210,000 matches and weighs around 100 kilograms, in Tomislav Horvat’s studio in Podturen, Croatia. For the last ten years, Horvat has built sculptures made from matches. This is his biggest sculpture to date that took him some 30 months to build.

Check out more pics below:










Photos by Antonio Bronic/Reuters

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