Arnold’s New Web Show is Crushing Things With a Tank for Charity

I remember when I was younger and Arnold’s Hummer was the most legendary of celebrity cars. Now we’re both older. I’m not longer impressed with Hummers, so Arnold went and bought a freaking tank.

That’s right, apparently he sought out and bought the exact decommissioned tank he operated during his stint in the Austrian army, and now he’s using it for a new web show where he crushes things by request. He’s taking donations at Omaze where if you give money to support kids, you can suggest things to crush, and even win a trip to fly out and be in the tank while it crushes said things.

I literally cannot think of a better concept for a web show, and if this preview is any indication, it’s going to be exactly as fantastic as it sounds. Popping the roll of bubble wrap? Are you kidding me with how awesome that is?

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