April Fool’s Idea: The Dexter Kill Room Makeover

Looking for a way to freak out someone you know on April Fool’s Day this week? Instead of faking a pregnancy, you might want to take a page out of these guy’s book.

I found this photo stream on reddit, and while their friend was out of town they remade his room into a Dexter kill room, complete with photos and deadly instruments.

It’s a cool project to be sure, and just requires an ass-ton of plastic wrap and tape. If Dexter can do this 70+ times, you can do it at least once, right? Check out the multi-stage process below. If you end up doing this, please send me pictures.



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  1. If you go through all that trouble to Dexter the room, you might as well murder your friend and cover it up.
    At least that’s what I would do.

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