An Official Alternate Ending for Breaking Bad

When I first saw this, I thought it was going to be some sort of fan recut to bring the popular “Heisenberg quits the business and starts over in a new life as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.” It’s been one of the funnier joking fan theories around for the past few years, but I never thought Bryan Cranston himself would embrace it.

I’m not sure for what outlet the above video was shot, or if it was just for fun, but in it Cranston pairs up with former TV wife Jane Kaczmarek, and the two reprise their roles as Lois and Hal (I forgot they never had a family last name on the show). In the video, Hal wakes up and tells Lois about his terrible meth-dealing, thug-killing dream, and she comforts him with copious amounts of sarcasm. Then things get a little weird at the end.

Anyway, awesome to see both of them make this. I’m very curious as to who commissioned the skit, if anyone.

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