An Awesome Steampunk Nintendo Transformation

You know how we roll on this site.  When it’s time for steampunk we never hesitate.  And frankly I’m pretty excited about this gallery.   Because of all the time we’ve posted pictures of gaming system mods I honestly don’t think we’ve ever posted any photos of an actual gaming system being steampunked.

I personally think that this is one ultimate mod.   Unfortunately we’re not 100% sure where these photos came from other than we saw them on Izismile.   Hopefully one of you knows the artist who made this awesome creation so we can give proper credit.

In any event, check out the transformation after the jump….

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  1. I agree with bloodandmetal. That’s like a $100 machine. The gen 2 NES toploader was awesome on it’s own and I fear for what they did to the dogbone controller. :/

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