An Allegory of Thrones

When you first started reading this Game of Thrones allegory, comparing its characters to those in our political landscape, you may be a bit skeptical. But by the time you reach the Santorum comparison to the closeted gay Renly, you should see the pieces lining up. By the time you get to Gore/Stark, it’s picture perfect.

Fun fact: There used to actually be an Unreality sister blog named “Unpolitical.” It’s offline now, but it was my take on politics using the same sort of writing style I used to talk about Pokemon cosplay. In other words, it was all rather informal. But it was too hard to find traffic for it, and so it disappeared. It was featured on the Daily Show once though when Jon Stewart was making fun of a hyperbolic headline I wrote. ┬áIf I started that up again someday, would any of you read it?


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