Amazing Science Discoveries That Are Unfortunately Only Real In The Movies


We’ve all been watching a movie and at one point we see a weapon or gadget and think to ourselves, “man I wish we could have those in real life.” Well, unfortunately these amazing discoveries are still not realities. We can keep dreaming though.





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  1. In what way are these “Amazing Science Discoveries”? Doesn’t that make everything in Sci-Fi (and every other genre as well) “discoveries” just because someone thought of them?

  2. Medical Tricorders and Lunar base actually both in concept and prototyping stage. So if they are not real now, then I believe they gonna be real in the next 50 or 100 years.

    But I am glad you chose Hyperdrive instead of Warp drive, because in the near future we might have working protoype of one. Hyperdrive is in both sci-fi and real world sense a league of its own FTL drive tech.

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