ROYGBIV: A Pixar Supercut

I don’t quite know what the loose consensus is on Pixar these days. Is your average movie fan still on their team? Losing faith? I’m more in the latter category, but hopefully their upcoming slate of movies will erase the disappointing memories from their last handful of projects. Still, even Pixar’s more middling movies tend to stand above the competition.

Part of this is due to the way Pixar folks really embrace the possibilities of animation: in essence, you can put anything on that screen. With the power of their best visuals, it’s not unusual for the most striking Pixar sequences to eschew dialogue completely (just look at the opening of Wall-E, or the trash melter in Toy Story 3). Heck, the entire premise of Up can be summed up in a single frame.

The point of this rambling lead-in is that some cool person made a video that celebrates Pixar’s über-cinematic use of the entire (visible) color spectrum, and y’all should watch it. It’s up at the top of the article.

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  1. Haha – I’ve started a post on my own site for this video … go figure. (ya know something is popular when it starts popping up everywhere)

    Anyways, films like Wall-E, FInding Nemo, Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy are great Pixar movies but what’s more is that they are fantastic films by their own merit. These not only show the depth of story, character and skill that Pixar can muster but they are so good that they rival live action greats. It seems that Pixar can do amazingly fantastic films and then they can produce flops such as Cars, Cars 2, and Monsters University. It’s hard to fathom that those 3 films came from the same people that could put together ones that I mentioned before. I don’t think that they’ve lost their way, Brave was an attempt at sparking the magic again, but they do seem to be faltering on what made them the best at their craft. Let’s hope they can punch out some more rock star films in the future.

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