Movie Recommendation of the Week: The Last Play at Shea

It’s not often that we post documentaries as movie recommendations but this one particularly hit home to me.   And for those of you that live in the Northeast you might enjoy this.  Despite the fact that I’m a Yankees fan,  The Last Play at Shea was an incredibly poignant and well done documentary chronicling the life of Billy Joel and his relation to Shea Stadium, all leading up to his final concert (and subsequently last concert period at Shea) there.

Featured in the movie are interviews from tons of people in Joel’s life including Christie Brinkley, his daughter, his producers, and a ton of others.  And at the same time we’re seeing old footage of baseball, music, nightlife, etc etc.

It’s truly a tremendous “journey” and it certainly makes you teary eyed at times.  I highly recommend it.   The trailer is after the jump….


I even get chills listening to the music on this trailer.


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