Amazing Fantasy Asia Styled Art by Saryth

I wish there was a way to better categorize these amazing photo galleries that we find from some of the best Deviant Art users.  Let’s take Saryth for example.    Saryth classifies his art preference as being something called “Fantasy Asia Style.”

And of course I put that in the title.  But is that a known style?  Like I think that Saryth should be known out there.  His work should be recognized.  I just don’t know if Fantasy Asia Style is the term that will make people find him.

Anyway, I have to share some of his work with you in the gallery below….


We did a gallery format here so the pictures could be larger.  Enjoy the pics below!

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  1. These are the type of things I see and then curse God for making me so smart and attractive, but giving me absolutely no talent for drawing beyond stick figures.

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