Jurassic Park Comes to Life for a Two Year Old


We often forget what it’s like to be a little kid, full of wonder and amazement and accepting everything around you as true. When Jurassic Park came out, I was old enough to understand that movies weren’t real, but what if I was a few years younger?

Little Zack has a life changing experience in this video when he learns that dinosaurs are REAL. Well, at least they appear that way. I’m not sure what a giant animatronic T-Rex is doing in the middle of the woods, but it convinces the two year old that it’s real. After a very, very delayed reaction, Zack decides its in his best interest to run. Adorableness quotient of the day met.

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  1. the calgary zoo in alberta (thats canada for those that dont know)

    has a dino exhibit with robot dinosaurs as well, except with the added evil of allowing people go further down the road to the control box and have it roar on their comand, or move at their command, for the 40 bucks to visit with my gf and the 50 or so spent on junk food toys and parking, scaring the shit out of a few children was worth more than the price

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