10 Things You Didn’t Know About AI: The Somnium Files

AI The Somnium Files

AI: The Somnium Files is a newly released video game created by Kotaro Uchikoshi, also known for his release of Zero Time Dilemma. Although there were mixed reviews about this his previous work, this one might be a bit different. Critics who have previewed AI: The Somnium Files give it a decent chance ow winning game of the year, so it might be something worth at least checking out. If you’re still on the fence about AI, then here are 10 things you didn’t know that might help you make up your mind.

1. Uchikoshi has had more time to work out the kinks

Game developers who are talented at their craft are like any other professional. It takes a little time to hone the craft and work out the kinks to produce a superior product. Uchikoshi has been at it for a while, and this is a totally standalone game that critics rate as being enjoyable and consistent and they are venturing it could be one of the most popular games of the year based upon their initial experience with the title.

2. AI: The Somnium Files had a bigger budget

One of the dilemmas that Uchikoshi had to face in developing previous games was a low budget to work with. It takes an investment to achieve the highest quality and his previous struggles for funding limited him in the use of his creativity in the development of games. This has changed with AI: The Somnium Files. He was given a higher budget which allowed him to delve more deeply into his creative spirit and critics think that this time, he has a real winner. They caution it isn’t a perfect game, but it’s really good.

3. AI takes investigative skills

AI launches its story with an abandoned theme park and a dead body, left tied to a horse on the merry-go-round. Kaname Date is the protagonist of the game and this was her friend. This murder looks a lot like the ones committed in the Cyclops Killings from years prior. It’s up to the protagonist to fully investigate the case and stop the killer before more people lose their lives.

4. AI in the title is a symbolic play on words

The title is significant in this game as it gives you several clues as to what you can expect in the game. There is a play on words when AI is defined, and this is intentional. It means “eye” as in the body part you see with. It is also a world in Japanese that means love and affection. Finally, it stands for Artificial Intelligence as the main character of the game is fitted with a robot eye. You’ll easily be able to figure out the connection with the AI eye and the fact that he felt love and affection for the latest victim of the Cyclops killer.

5. The plot is rich

The main character is revealed in a 2019 YouTube channel release that is titled “Lemniscate.” This was a pre-release that allows you to become familiar with the backstory of the lead character. In essence six years prior to finding the body of his friend, he was involved in an incident that resulted in the loss of an eye and his memory as well. This was at the same time that the Cyclops killings began. Coincidence? We think not. This sets the stage for the mystery/thriller aspects of the game. The channel features a set of videos but it’s not required to watch them all just to get the gist of Date’s story.

6. AI is a 3D game

The platform of the game is 3D in the adventure genre. His AI eye is named Aiba, for the record. Date, the protagonist, is brought on the case of the murdered woman because he had a relationship of sorts with her, adn she’s the mom of a kid he’d been hunting for. The girl is 12 years old and she saw her mother’s dead body. The girl is a mute so questioning her doesn’t yield much information, so Date is charged with delving into her dreams to find out what she knows as she is also a witness to the crime.

7. AI is a point and click

You won’t need to worry about escaping from rooms or solving complicated puzzles in this game. Instead, it called or a lot of pointing and clicking as you investigate a series of integrated scenes which are tied in heavily with the dialogue of the game. Date stays in one place, but you can scroll around the environment and click on any object that you like when looking for clues.

8. The environment is detailed

One of the positive aspects of the game is the fact that it was made on a high budget and the background and scenery is loaded with amazing details. This enhances the enjoyment of the game with gorgeous and diverse environments. This is one of the first features of the game that draws the attention of the players and this is seen throughout the entire game. It offers a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for gameplay.

9. What makes this game unique?

It’s not as action-packed as many other video games out there. In fact, this one will challenge your investigative skills. This is the appeal of AI: The Somnium Files. You must find clues that will help you solve the murder mystery and the enhanced environment of the game is what makes it so much fun and so interesting.

10. The second part of the title gives away the environment

Perhaps the most interesting part of AI: The Somnium Files is that Somnium deals with the realm of dreams. Players take the protagonist into a dream world where many of the clues that unlock the mysteries are discovered. It’s like a dual-realm play where you’re engaging in the environment of the world of dreams as well as spending time in the realm of your waking awareness. There’s a definite psychological value to the game and we believe it’s going to catch on in grand style.

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