Afternoon Break: Real Size Comparisons That Will Melt Your Brain


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Most of the time, we’re so stuck in our monkeysphere that it’s easy to forget how small we really are. But nothing like a good visual will remind you what an insignificant sack of meat you are. We asked our readers to render some size comparisons that will blow your relatively tiny socks right off your relatively tiny feet. The winner is below but first the runners-up …

The Countdown

Interstellar and the Ryan Leaf theory of movie criticism – [Pajiba]

Things that IT people never say – [World Wide Interweb]

Seven things you didn’t know about the Pope – [List Gazette]

The 101 strangest foods from around the world – [Neatorama]

Despite it’s gaping plot holds, the Flash is a good show – [TVO]

Yes, they make Harley Quinn panties – [Geeksaresexy]

People want Gucci Mane Lemonade at their funerals – [Celebritytoob]

The ending that got cut from Guardians of the Galaxy – [Kotaku]

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